Post-graduation: What do I do now?

If you are reading this blog post, I can only assume (or hope) that you have checked out the other sections on my website and have learned a little bit about me. If not, well, I will give you a rundown on who I am and why I am writing this post.

My name is Chandler-Michelle (yep, that’s my full first name) and I am a recent university graduate with a BS in Environmental Sustainability. It is about 4 months post- graduation and I have yet to find a job. I have been applying nonstop but have nothing to show for it and I guess I know where the problem lies.

I have been applying to jobs within the communications/digital media field but have a degree in the life sciences. Why have I been doing that, you might ask? Because I aspire to be a content creator. I want to write, design websites, market something, film, produce and do just about everything that involves content creation. So I figured I would apply to jobs I really want and hope I will be given an opportunity to show someone why they should give me a chance.

I do plan on using my degree later on in life but as of now, I am doing what I believe is in my best interest and what will make me feel happy and fulfilled. Unfortunately, I have been unlucky.

Why would someone hire a life sciences applicant when the job description is clearly seeking a person with a communications degree? They wouldn’t.

Why should they? Because I am passionate, determined and will work hard to learn my position quickly.

So, do I continue applying to jobs I want or should I find a job within my “designated” field?



I don’t give up that easily. I manage this website and using WordPress and I create and manage all the content on both and market Teddy Robotics on Instagram (@teddy.robotics). I am enrolled in online courses to learn web development (HTML5, CSS, JS, etc.) and SEO. I am refreshing myself with Adobe CS and have been producing content using it. Lastly, I have published articles and love writing.

I want to learn and grow. I will continue chasing my dream job even if it means temporary struggle. Cheers to new ventures!

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